Rayne the Werewolf (PC, GoGoLoco)

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Rayne the Werewolf


3.0 VRChat Avatar

Unity 2019


♡ | GoGoLoco Animations

♡ | Physbones

♡ | Werewolf Paws (Toe Beans)

♡ | Werewolf Textures

♡ | Toggles: | Outfit: Bra, Sweater, Chest Covers, Jacket, Sleeves, Pants, Shorts, Abdomen Cover, Tights, Bodysuit | Net Bodysuit | Animal: Wolf Ears, Dog Ears, Tail | Hair: Floofy or Long | Shoes: Boots, Heels, and Paws |

♡ | Accessory Toggles: Mask, Glasses, Wrist Chains, Horns, Chest Metal, Leg Metal, Collar |

♡ | Hue Shift: Eyes, Hair, and Mask

♡ | Skin Swaps: 4 different skin tones, with and without tattoos

♡ | Hair Swaps: 26 Hair swaps! All colors have Hue Shifts, plus hair emissions

♡ | Color Swaps: All toggles have an inverted white version!

♡ | Metal Swap: Silver to Gold

♡ | Custom face gestures

♡ | Poiyomi and SDK included

How to Upload:

  1. Open VCC and create a new project.
  2. Import the Poiyomi included in the package (Using a different version WILL break the materials).
  3. Import the VRCFury package (included).
  4. Import Rayne's package.
  5. Detach the blueprint and click upload.

Terms of Service:

- Do not share, leak, trade, or redistribute my avatars or assets under any circumstance.

- Using or taking any asset from my models without purchasing/obtaining them from the original creator's nitro/store is strictly prohibited.

- You are not allowed to reuse ANY of my edits, even for your personals.

- No refunds, this is a digital product.

- You can post on and use it for your social media platforms, but please credit me and tag me.

- Do not gatekeep my avatars or assets.

- You can export my avatars and assets into other games.

- You are not allowed to resell my avatars or assets.

- You are not allowed to make my avatars or assets public.

- The avatar is only allowed to be uploaded to your account.

- Failure to put all correct and required information will make your license invalid and you will not be allowed to use my avatars or assets.

- My avatars and assets are my OC's or ideas, do not recreate, copy, or claim them as your own ideas.


| Body by Pandaabear#9873 (EDITED BY ME, NO REUSE) | Head/Head Textures by DUCC#0008 (EDITED BY ME, NO REUSE) | Main Body Texture and Face Stripes by Ying#6669 (EDITED BY ME, NO REUSE) | Hair Textures by Cicieaaa#7777 | Fluff's ToolBox | Better Gestures by Wolvei#0001 | VRCFury Tool | GoGoLoco by Franada | Floof Hair by @NESSYY. | Dog Ears by Ghoul#1272 | Glasses by kri#1214 | Rings by xSnail#2902 | Tattoos by Zade | Coat by KC | Boots by Mori#3630 | Mask by Starkotic#9464 | Sweater, Net Bodysuit, Abdomen Cover, Tights, Leg & Chest Metal by Vinuzhka | Tail by Ourse | Horns by Velvet | Pants by Kero#0101 | Bra by Maible#8888 | Lip Ring by Adora/Spvcemilk | Paws by Rinuchiha | Collar by Grey#6666 | Heels by PokerBlunders | Shorts by Eggly | Bodysuit by Nauuki | Dex Hair by ZinPia | Wolf Ears and Chest Covers (Nitro) by cupkake | Wrist Chains by Hi i'm Doge | Glasses by nini

Please DM me if you have any issues! Or join my discord: https://discord.gg/Vd7rtRMZr8

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Due to the item being a digital product, refunds are not permitted under any circumstances. Charging back or requesting a refund is a direct breach of my TOS and will result in further legal action.

Last updated Dec 8, 2023

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Rayne the Werewolf (PC, GoGoLoco)

15 ratings
I want this!